Wednesday, April 22, 2009

School Trips and Redbuds

Woke up this morning in Gettysburg. It was cool, over cast, and the field was covered with Redbud. I saw a whole lot of cardinals, a bunny and lot of noisy school groups.

First thing, I walked down to the new visitor’s center, where I was looking for several books for research on my writing. After that I headed off again on foot too Culp’s Hill. I wanted to take some photos and get a closer feeling to the 123rd NY, as they are a part of my new work. After taking a few photos, I walked out Confederate Ave, back toward town. I was surprised to find the GAR post, on one of the side streets off of Baltimore. I just walked onto a cannon, and there was a great building. I went to the Gettysburg town library, to check out the book sale, but nothing good there this time.

The town is really quite today. Since my appetite seems to have finally come back, I found my way to lunch at O’Rorke’s. I just love their pretzel roll sandwiches.

It is trying to rain, really big drops. I’m going to shop, or at least look around the shops. I would really like to find a new sweatshirt; my VT one is just about had it. I think if I get one I’m going to have to pay $28, since that’s the lowest priced one I’ve found.

I need to start a spread sheet for my Civil War work. So much information, so little time to share it.

The rain s back. So, I went to the Visitor’s center and bought those books. and a CD that I wanted for C and me to listen to on the way home from his place next month. Than I found I was so hungry that I just had to eat [first time I’ve felt that way in about week]. Thing is I was to tired to drive anywhere safely, and my body is too achy to walk very far, so it’s going be have to be Friendly’s. Than I think I’m going to take a hot tub and call it a night.

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