Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day Two in Ely MN

7:29 am - I got up to another lovely sunrise, my whole body is achy

9:04 am - Pop Tarts Cinnamon [than hang out first load of laundry]

10 am - doing stretches to the 10's, done @ 10:10 am

10:35 - short dog walk around the block, done at 10:55

11:52 - lunch at the Grand Ely Lodge [club sandwich, cup of baked potato soup, onion paddles, and ice tea. $17.00 with the tip] I only ate 1/2 the sandwich, so today I don't feel so stuff. Finished with on piece of hard candy

1:03 pm - groceries from Northland I was waited on by Ethan. $ 23.93

1:12 pm - Carved pumpkins and cleaned up the yard for winter, than I took Maple for a walk around Miner's Lake [much to nice a day to be inside]

4:13 pm - this was a great drying day, I wish I had done more laundry.

6.23 pm - Dinner with C, toasted cheese sandwich with tomato soup, and few pieces of Halloween candy.

9:42 pm - C is a sch dance, Maple is sleeping on my feet. I talked for quite awhile with Big E tonight. It's been a good day.

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