Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting Caught Back Up

1 June 2009 - Monday
I spent about an hour this afternoon lying on my belly on a dock. My head hanging over the side at a comfortable angel. I peered through clear to the shallow bottom of the pond. It was there that I found myself transfixed by watching the fry flitting this way and that, the whole group turning on a dime. I don’t know what kind of fish they are, my oldest son could tell me, he is college to learn such things.

These tiny fish, just hatched within the last few days, already have their own little world with rules, and I think a ruler. I watched them long enough to see that three fish in this group were larger than the rest, and the other fish seemed to do what ever and go where ever these three fish went. They bumped and fed there way back and forth under the dock, scattering when my dog splashed through, but re-congregating within minutes.

These tiny baby fish would flash silver when the sun light caught them just right. They were however, on close expectation clear; I could see right through their tiny bodies and see the bone and insides clearly. I could help be wonder as I watched these wonderful creatures, and couldn’t help but wonder how many would live to be full sized fish. Would the three leaders someday be caught and weighed and measured as some trophies.

2 June 2009 - Tuesday
Gr and I drove over to Sugar Hill in NH today so that I could take picture of the Lupine. That whole fields of that lovely flower, and arrange a festival around them every year. The festival isn’t until this coming weekend, but I thought I could get in some shots early. No such luck. The flowers are dismal this year. If it hadn’t been for the young moose we saw by the road the trip would have been a waste. The moose seemed to know that he was about to be photographed and paid no attention to Gr who was barking loudly. So I got a couple of nice shots, before we traveled on.

We found a new favorite ice cream place up here. Out on Route 302 just north of Woodsville is a little yellow building with wonderful home made ice-cream. It will long be Gr’s favorite as they give good doggy’s free scoops of vanilla. You could your whole lunch there for $4.50 [a hotdog, soda, and small ice-cream cone].

Returning to camp found leaning out over the boat rescuing a swallowtail butterfly from the pond. After giving it time to dry it wings and rest, this creature rewarded me offering up some lovely shots of it on the lilac tree in the yard. I than retreated to the porch swing and read the afternoon away, just as you are supposed to do when at camp.

Friday 5 June 2009
The big worry in my life these last couple of days has been my truck. I don’t know how you feel but my world revolves around my truck. For some reason all of the dummy lights keep coming on from time to time. It doesn’t seem to effect how the truck runs, but it freaks me out. I got up early this morning and took the truck over to Carmody’s for a scheduled service and to see if they could figure out what is going on. I’m still in the dark. The service tech put my truck on their computer, but nothing showed up. So I am still driving it around with my fingers crossed. I just hope that if anything major goes wrong, it won’t happen in a place that causes any trouble.

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